A lot of us train alone, without instruction, or in relatively small groups where we may or may not be at a different level from our peers.  Sometimes finding the path to what’s in our heads can be difficult to find on our own, so I’ve created a drill that can be adapted to any 2 tricks, that will explore more possibilities than most of us would think of off the tops of our heads.  By utilizing our different landing positions and transitions, any 2 tricks can be comboed together in a number of ways, and for many methodical trickers, exploring those options, or at least fully realizing their existence is key.  Not all of the combos this creates will be easy or fun, but mastering, or at least attempting them, will create a higher propioception and general skill over time.

  • Trick + General Trick


The first trick is perhaps a trick you are comfortable with and want to combo out of, or a newer trick who’s exit transitions need help.  Often, to fully explore a trick’s potential, multiple landings need to be utilized.  If/when you are unable to perform all or most, your options will be more limited.

A “General Trick” is like a family of tricks that may or may not have adaptable takeoff types.  By that I mean, A vert kick’s general family is it’s rotation (say 720*), and it’s different takeoff types are adaptable (swing/cheat/pop-720).  For twisting tricks, it may work better to think of all of the invert families as one.  This way, depending on how you land and/or transition you can utilize an appropriate twist (corks, raizes, btwists, etc).

Below are some basic drills demonstrating the principle.  Hopefully this will help you to logically approach comboing and general drilling, as well as train the ability to perform similar actions with other tricks.  I advise starting small, like i’ve done, and working up with time to fully engrain the mechanics of each transition in a controlled way.  TKT rotations and hyper terms will be used for clarity.  For more in-depth TKT instruction, here.

    HS:  Hyper-style  <>  H: Hyper  <>  K:  Katana/True-Hyper  <> r:  Round  <>  h:  HookRemember, Hyper-Style landings land on the non-kicking leg, 180* past the kick.  If this landing is still out of reach, then an on-ground pivot can be performed.


Tricks:  c360-round (tornado) <> 360-hook (bs720 family) + [takeoff type]

  • Remember, the first trick will always terminate in backside, and the total rotation of the second trick will always be 360.
  • *Not every transition is listed.


  • c-360HSr / vanish / 360h [cheat]
  • c-360HSr / reversal / 360h [swing]
  • c-360HSr / pop / 360h [pop]


  • c360Hr / reverse-pop / c360h [cheat]
  • c360Hr / reverse-pop / s360h [swing]
  • c360Hr / punch / 360h [pop]


  • c3k / vanish / 360h [swing]
  • c3k / reversal / 360h [cheat]
  • c3k / pop / 360h [pop]


  • Extras:
  • c3HSr / swingthrough / 360h [swing]
  • c3k / wrapthrough / 360h [cheat]
  • c3r / skip / 360h [cheat]

So there it is.  12 ways to do the same combo, rotationally.  By that I mean that every single one of these combos turns 360 degrees and round kicks, then rotates 180 degrees further (into backside landings), followed by a 360 and a hook kick.  The in-air rotation of each trick varies between 180 degrees and 360, but the on-ground rotation never exceeds 180 degrees (except in cases where hyper-style cannot yet be reached and an on-ground 180 degree pivot is made). I hope this will help you to better understand the uses of landing positions and transitions, as well as give you an idea of how to approach organized drilling.  Depending on your needs, this template can be adapted to utilize different takeoffs on the first trick as well.  It can also use varying tricks to setup a single trick from a particular takeoff point, like you would probably do with a cork or wrap-full, for example.

    Extra Examples:

c720r (c9)  <>  twists (maintaining a typical linear momentum – no major changes to the line)

  • c7r / vanish / raiz
  • c7r / vanish / tak
  • c7HSr / reversal / btwist
  • c7HSr /swingthrough/ cork
  • c7HSr / skip / raiz
  • c7Hr / punch / full
  • c7K / vanish / btwist
  • etc

Cartwheel  <>  twists  (same as above)

  • cart / vanish / btwist
  • cart / vanish / cork (“boneless” as Towels calls it)
  • cart/ skip / bwist
  • cart / reversal / gms
  • cart-switch / skip / raiz
  • mega-cart / swingthrough / btwist
  • etc

Vert kicks  <>  Aerial

  • c5h / vanish / aerial
  • c3k / vanish / aerial
  • c3HSr / reversal / aerial
  • c3Hr / reverse-pop / aerial
  • c3r / swingthrough / aerial
  • etc
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