A list of gatherings and related events throughout the world.
If you have an event that you’d like listed, please contact tricktheory here, or on facebook to have it added.

All listed events are linked/clickable.

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Aarhus Tricking Spring Gathering:  Risskov Danmark.  Mar 10-12

Loopkick’s St. Patty’s Day Session:  California, USA.  Mar 18

Lab Supply Co x Plan Zero x The Garrison:: March Mayhem:  England.  Mar 24-26



Elation Gathering:  Hamar, Norway.  April 7-9

Holy Land Gathering:  Mabuza, Israel.  April 12-14

Trick Dynamix Gathering:  Connecticut, USA.  April 14-15  

Trick Different Dos:  Colorado, USA.  April 20-23   ::{BUY NOW ON GATHERTICKETS.COM}::

Guangzhou National Tricking Battle:  Guangzhou, China.  April 29-May 1



The Gathering 2017 Tricking Tournament:  Georgia, USA.  May 6

Regeneration Gathering:  North Carolina, USA.  May 5-7

Air Handlers Gathering 2:  Montreal, Canada.  May 19-21



TRICK it UP Gathering:  Pavia, Italy.  June 3-4

Battle of Fury:  Connecticut, USA.  June 9-11

Euphoria VII:  Maryland, USA.  June 16-18

NEO5 Gathering:  Ohio, USA.  June 23-35

TSG17:  Colorado, USA.  June 30-July 2



Triassic Gathering:  Utah, USA.  July 7-9

Loopkicks Camp and Gathering:  California, USA.  July 18-24

The Sacred Gathering II:  Lido Di Spina, Italy.  July 23

Trickstrong 4:  New York, USA.  July 27-30



Sun City:  Texas, USA.  Aug 11-13



Hooked Gathering:  Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Dec 15-17




Battle of Europe:  Paris, France.  June 30

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