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I feel like there’s a lot of room to grow in this sport..  We’re barely tapping the potential, and i wonder if it’s due to traditional mindsets, at least in part.  Mindsets like the old “it’s not tricking if you aren’t kicking”, or that difficulty is king and should be revered above all.  If tricking is art, then these self-imposed parameters must be torn down..  preferably sooner than later.  I personally do believe tricking is an art, and that some of the most important people in the community, as far as pushing the sport into the future, are not the ones questing for quad corks or dubdubdubdubdudbdubs, but those who explore the unexplored, and actively search for new concepts for us to play with.  There is no question that the upward mobility associated with a quad cork is necessary, but so is the slow creep outward.  People like Keith James and Sesshoumaru are doing their own thing, creating unique flows and patterns, and in doing so they are breaking new ground in how we define our sport, and what it can be.   Even something as simple as spamming the shit out of the wackknife concept, like Nelson has done, greatly changes how we view variations and kicking, and their potential.  It is important and should be praised, regardless of our views on the moves themselves.  It is that exploration that should be admired.  The edges they reach today will be passed by the people of tomorrow.

One area where tricking has a the potential to explode outward is in the female tricking community..  While all the concepts i’ll talk about can be applied by men, i see a greater potential for exploitation from the ladies.

First and foremost, ladies, you are not men..  embrace it.  Most of you come equipped with a level of grace that we meat heads will never achieve.  Even the most awkward of you has a beauty of motion we’re unlikely to attain..  Likewise, many of you come equipped with a general flexibility in the legs and back that most men could never dream of.  Even your center of gravity is different than our’s.  Use it all to your advantage!  Tricking doesn’t have to be about power and aggression, it can be about beautiful lines.  Tricking can be a display of flexibility, and smooth, creative movements in unconventional ways.  Many of us are just as blown away by Thekla’s ridiculous gumbi game as we are by Kensi’s snapu.  Imagine a tricker with a strong ballet background.  While they may never have that snappy hook kick, they will undoubtedly have beautiful spins, and long, pronounced extensions with their legs, i’d imagine.  There is room in tricking for this!  It doesn’t have to be a kick, it can be a graceful leg lift.  Similarly, there is room in the tumbling and twisting realm for variety..  dubdub is great and all, but why not gumbi pop onodi-stepout vanish front aerial s/t illusion s/t raiz s/t gainerflash to split?  With a flexible back and legs, this would be beautiful, and not a lot of men are even capable of trying to touch that.  I think it’s very realistic for many females in the community, and for females who could find a niche here, if they realized they could be different.  I’m not trying to advocate that the ladies change everything about how they trick..  rather, i’m advocating that everyone utilize their given talents, even if they’re different.  If you do it, others will too, and that is how the sport grows and evolves.

Strive to make tricking today, more than it was yesterday.

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