November 8, 2014 Opinion, Thoughts 2 Comments

I feel like we have some holdover terms/concepts that no longer serve their purpose.  Tricking and its terminology is an ever-evolving thing that needs constant updating.  Time to rant!

SnapuSWIPE and ScissorSWIPE..  i get it, it sounds cool…  if you’re a terminology fiend like me, this is fucking confusing, and will eventually become ambiguous – what i mean is these terms imply that they end in a swipe, even though they dont.  It wont be long before someone actually does a legit snapu + swipe.  Then what?  We just call it an already-taken inferior name?  No, we adjust the base term to suit its situations everywhere else.  Nobody says cork-snapuswipe, they say cork-snapu.  Thus, i think its fair to call the original raiz/sideswipe variation simply Snapu.

This is pretty old hat actually..  a lot of people have come to this conclusion and no longer use the -swipe extension, but what about other things?  How about Single-Leg?  Some of my friends believe the dleg should be upright, like a vert kick..  i challenge them to show me a single leg then.  its just a pop 180crescent, obviously.  Now if you invert a dleg, you can singleleg, right?  Well, i disagree..  sorta.  I defy anyone to show me another invert axis with a singleleg variation.  What do you get?  Shurikens.  This tells me that the singleleg is actually a pop-shuriken, just like some people call a pop-sideswipe a pop-swipe.

Another term, or set of terms, that needs to die is the Tak-# concept..  I realize at its inception the “tak-9” was supposed to be a “9” with a front in it or some garbage, but as we now know better, these terms should die.  It’s a tak-full-round, or tak-round.  Nobody would ever say cork-9, or btwist-10.  Why then should we be make an exception for the tak axis?  “But Grumpylumps, we’ve always called it this..!”  We got over calling c/t raizes “Tiger Swipe”, i’m pretty sure we can handle this.  Hell, i remember when 540 was a new elite trick and people around here (and seemingly much of the west coast, at least) called it a ‘gnarly’.  We got over it.  Let the Tak-9/10/12/14 tag die, it’s time.

My biggest pet peeve holdover is the use of “frontswing” as a transition..  come on man.  Nobody says GMS masterswing GMS.  It’s a swingthrough.  Nobody would ever say Cork backswing Cork..  it’s a swingthrough.  People stubbornly cling to this concept of a “frontswing” transition.  I think it’s largely thanks to Kyle McLean’s transitions note from years ago…   it was a great note, but its time has passed, i think.  In every case where a frontswing is used, the direction is beyond obvious..  swingthrough more than adequately describes it.  Nobody is ever going to assume that you somehow did a semi-dub-cork and magically backswinged into a raiz or webster.  It’s just a swingthrough..  Swingthrough is the transition, ‘frontswing’/’backswing’/etc are descriptions like cheat or swing takeoffs in vert kicking.  They have a time and place, but they are not to be talked about as transitions themselves.

Ranting is good.  It’s healthy, and fun.  While i really enjoy all this stuff i dedicate my time to, i fully understand that none of it is really that important.  🙂

Written by The Grumpiest Of All
Just a grumpy old man who really loves tricking.