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I’ve seen a number of comments and discussions about less focus on samplers, and a greater focus on Instagram clips, so i thought i’d comment..

First off, samplers aren’t going anywhere.  They are, and will probably always be, a way for trickers to share what they do, and build notoriety.  They’re stories about a time that people watch over and over throughout the years, and are arguably a driving force behind the growth of the sport, traditionally.  For video nerds, the creation of samplers is an art, but we cant expect everyone to do, or enjoy, the same arts.  Now, as Instagram is getting a lot of use, there are those who fear samplers might disappear, or are becoming less common.  I’d argue that excellent samplers from good trickers are still being released regularly, without any real impact from uploading clips to instagram as well.

For a lot of people, the sampler is about sharing their tricks with other people, nothing more..  they don’t want fame, necessarily, and aren’t as interested in the artistic editing side of the art, they just want people to see their tricks.  For those people, Instagram is actually a better platform, in a lot of ways.  While you can’t use it to document a long period in a short time, you can reach a lot of people who might not normally see your samplers.  To be quite frank, i dont watch twistbot videos..  they usually bore me.  If all i see is 012 combos for the first 30-45 seconds, i turn it off, and i may never bother clicking on that person’s videos again.  It’s not that i dont respect it, i just dont find it interesting…  It’s like musical tastes.  I prefer house music, and metal just kinda irritates me, so i choose not to listen to it for leisure.  That doesn’t mean i wont listen to it if i’m asked, or if i’m interested in learning something from it..  i just wont load it on my iphone.  Same concept.  The point is, if it’s just a 15 second clip on Instagram, i watch it…  every single clip in my feed, i watch.  So in that respect, Instagram is a better delivery service, or method of connection than a sampler ever could be.  Through short clips, i get what a sampler would show me normally, but spaced out over time.  I get the opportunity to learn a tricker’s style, and what they work on in a different way than a block of clips with a bad soundtrack could ever show me.  The Instagram clips are also better suited for the busy individuals.  Sure, i find time to watch samplers most days, but it’s far easier to open an app, watch 4 or 5 clips, and even leave a comment, in the same time it takes to watch a short sampler.  In this way, Instagram is better at connecting more people, more often, and that’s how communities and friendships begin and grow.

In short, they’re apples and oranges.  One is not better than the other, and they’re not really in competition.  Eat and grow the one you like..  or both.



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