Every variation can have additional rotation added, generally to land in the next rotation up.  In most cases, the terminology is as simple as saying the variation, and adding -twist to the end of it, like dleg-twist.  For swipes and hyperhooks, when adding twist at the end, they take on new names, Snapu (swipe + twist), and Kyro (hyperhook + twist).  Remember, whether they get a new tag like snapu or kyro, or just add a -twist to the end, these variations are inherently larger rotations.  For example, a full-snapu is a double-full variation, with the swipe occurring at the end of the first rotation.  Returning to our phonetic analogy, perhaps these variation extensions could be thought of as compound letter transformations, such as th, ch, sh, ph, qu, etc.  They modify the properties of simpler variations to create something different, or more complex.




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