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Terminology update!

I ran this by the tricktheory facebook group, and it was generally well received.

Because each landing stance can be visualized as a quadrant, rather than a distinct point, it can sometimes be cumbersome to explain at which point of a given landing a trick initiates or terminates.  For example, both mega-aerial and aerial-scissors land in a mega position, but the mega-aerial tends to land more side to side, while the scissor will usually land more forward in relation to the momentum.  Likewise, a forward landing mega more easily sets up different tricks than a sideways landing one.  To save time and space when explaining these differences, the landing stance will be hyphenated with the general stance used throughout this site (backside, frontside, inside, and outside), when necessary.  In our previous example, that would mean that a mega-aerial lands in an inside-mega, while aerial-scissor lands in more of a frontside-mega.

The important thing to remember is that the landing itself is one of the 4 common landings (complete, hyper, mega, semi), and in general conversation/labeling the short form should be used and will adequately communicate the concept.  It is only when further explaining the difference in orientation that the extended position needs to be used.  Think of it like frontswing, backswing, etc..  in normal conversation, it’s just a swing.  It is only when you need to be excessively clear about which kind of movement that you might need to use the specific directional name.  So really, it’s more for me/tricktheory, than you (lol).

For example, the defining differences for GMT and Kroc are the hip orientation and type of swing on takeoff.  Any hyper landing can be used to swing into either trick, however in order to Cork-Hyper into Kroc, you must be careful to land in a backside-hyper.  If you hyper toward the inside position, you’ll end up with a GMT.

Here’s a quick list of common tricks/concepts and their typical takeoff or landing positions:


  • Backside-Complete:  Corks initiate, Gainer-Switches terminate
  • Outside-Complete:  Lotus swings initiate, -Round variations terminate.


  • Backside-Hyper:  Krocs initiate, Gymnastics style Aerials (forward to backward) terminate.
  • Inside-Hyper:  GMS/Wraps initiate, Tricker style Aerials (side to side) terminate.


  • Inside-Mega:  Tricker Aerials initiate, Mega-Aerials terminate.
  • Frontside-Mega:  Scissor variations terminate, Websters Initiate.


  • Frontside-Semi:  Websters initiate, Semi-Cork/Gainer-Arabian terminates.
  • Outside-Semi:  Raizes initiate, Semi-Double-Butterfly terminates.


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