Trick Theory-03

This graphic is representative of a left twister.

Further Disambiguation: If it is understood that the invert axes are inherently both flipping and twisting, then a number of common tricks are actually misnomers, or lack proper landing tags.  The landing stances are generally named for twisting tricks, and ignored or misused for untwisted inversions, such as gainers and aerials.  It should be understood that these tricks are actually ~0 degree twisting tricks, but are no different than their twisting variations, and as such, many of their names are inherently misnomers or misclassifications.  Take the aerial, for example.  This trick, if understood as ~0 degree twist has a natural hyper landing, meaning that the aerial-switch is the true complete version, the standard aerial is actually the hyper landing, and the “hyper-aerial” is actually a mega landing, or mega-aerial.  This is further confused by the prevalence of the aerial carrythrough raiz combination.  It is widely understood that to achieve greater power and efficiency in this combination, the hips should turn toward the momentum and a clean frontswing performed.  This means that what’s actually happened is not an aerial carrythrough raiz, but instead an aerial-semitwist swingthrough raiz.  For many, this disambiguation is unnecessary nitpicking, however, fully understanding the mechanics of tricks and combinations can greatly increase their applicability to other movements, as well as the ability to troubleshoot any issues that may occur.

Although the 4 landing stances are commonly taught and understood in terms of landing leg and approximate direction faced, it should be understood that it is also the amount of rotation that defines the landing stance.  Each stance can be landed on both feet simultaneously, and the rigid idea of 90* degrees between each becomes somewhat more fluid or ambiguous, particularly when considering mega and semi landings.  Singular and sequential landings and transitions are simply easiest to explain and conceptualize, and are generally easiest to identify in context, where things become somewhat less clearly defined.

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