Here’s the flipped version for you left twisters. 



Keenan Carr has been killing the mega-cart game for awhile now, including triples and dubdubs from it, yet hardly anyone else is even playing with the concept, it seems.  I’ve been messing with it for awhile now, and i’m finally getting relatively proficient with it, so I’ve made a mini-tutorial in hopes that it will inspire others to figure this thing out.  It’s pretty fun, and not very difficult, physically, once you get used to it.


 Tips, Thoughts, Extras:

  • It’s kind of like a sideways roundoff, or tinsica.  Similar principles of power apply, particularly in the shoulder block and leg snap.
  • This is all commitment..  you are going, there is no hesitation.
  • I think about leading with the landing leg’s heel, rather than leading with the toe.  In some ways, it’s not unlike a palm kick.
  • In the swingthrough, dive through with the upper body.  You need to project yourself forward, or the block will throw you straight up, and the flip becomes very difficult.
  • I call this type of swing an inside swing.  It is not a frontswing, because it pulls sideways.  Just as backswing starts in the back and pulls backflip, the inside swing starts in an inside stance and swings an inside flip.
  • The insideswing is the reverse of a wrap (or some masterswings) – frontswing is to backswing as wrap is to insideswing.



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