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Well.. i went.  I had a blast watching, and lightly tricking during the friday morning session.  Afterwards, i had 2 quesadillas at Del Taco, then took a nap.  A few hours later, our field trip session started, and i felt alright.  By about an hour in i was feeling a little worn down, but generally ok.  By the second hour, i started feeling faint and cold.  I thought perhaps i needed to eat, since it had been several hours..  I had a few crackers, but i got progressively worse, and quite cold for the remaining 2 hours of the session.  I was shivering..  Sadly, i didn’t trick, or even really pay close attention to a lot of this event.  I felt a little better on the van ride home, but shortly after getting back into my hotel room, it was clear i had food poisoning..  i vomited everywhere.  I’ll spare you the details, but it happened more than once, and it never started over a toilet.  Not my finest hours..  So the next 32 hours of New Heights was, for me, just a marathon sleeping and sweating session with occasional bouts of consciousness with cloudy thoughts and dehydration.  I missed the park, i missed the finals, i missed Zach’s catastrophic inury (if you haven’t seen the xray on facebook, it’s brutal..  both bones in the shin are broken clean across, with one broken in 2 places), i missed the overnight session.   By sunday morning, i was up and feeling like my old self again, and gladly i got to go and at least socialize for a few hours before the gym closed and we went our separate ways.  Amazingly enough, i’d still rate this an overall positive experience because of the people present and the attitudes of all involved.  What i did get to witness was and expression of joy and passion rarely seen in this world.

So lesson for the weekend?  Del Taco is bad.

I wish i could talk more about the event, but i was unfortunately incapacitated.  Maybe next year?


Written by The Grumpiest Of All
Just a grumpy old man who really loves tricking.