I love palm kicks..  i use them for nearly everything.  It’s to the point where i intentionally leave them out of combos, because otherwise they’d be in every single one.

I feel like the overwhelming majority of the times i see others use this trick, it’s to set up master-scoot, or wrap-full.  At this point, that’s so generic that i don’t even want to use it in that way, and in the video, i didn’t.

Why are palm kicks so popular as setups for power?  Because they’re insanely easy, and controllable, so you can direct enormous power through them in a variety of ways.
The trick is pliable though..  it can fit just about any utility you need.  I use it as a power generator, as well as a brake to slow down, or gain control.  It’s often a recovery trick, when applicable, and i even use it as a test trick, when transitioning out of things i may be unsure about, or need to feel out first.  For example, if i got mega-cork today, you can be certain that the first time i tried to swing out of it, i’d swing into palm kick, so i could feel out where i am, in terms of balance, power, focus, etc.  I love it because it gives the sense of doing something dynamic, while still being very energy efficient, and easy.


Tips:  These are ideas i try to utilize when possible to create the aesthetic and feel that i prefer, and/or maintain, create, and direct momentum as necessary for the combo.

  • Treat it like a kick, not a cartwheel.  Think butterknife, or stepover-hook, not carwheel.
  • Keep it circular.  This goes along with the first tip – let the hips go around the shoulders, not over them, when possible.
  • Kick Low.  You are upside down, on your hands, so the kick is naturally a foot or two above a head level target.  If you try to kick low, you’ll hit a better target, and probably maintain a more circular path, as suggested before.
  • Stutter the rhythm.  allow the hips to make 2 distinct movements.  First the non-kicking leg comes over, then snap the hips over and hook kick.
  • Bend the knee.  If you keep the non-kicking leg straight, it will look more like a cartwheel.  Keep it chambered, when possible.


The video provided utilizes palm kicks, and occasionally e-kicks in a variety of different ways as a means to encourage greater utilization of, and creativity with palm kicks in the community.  Think of it like my sketchbook, and these are just some base level ideas i had.  I chose to include clips that aren’t quite as well executed, because the idea is what’s important.  Feel free to take anything you see, and use it, as well as experiment on your own with this easy trick.  Keep in mind that this project uses only low end tricks.  The concept is applicable to any level trick with similar attributes.  a mega-cart is fundamentally no different than a mega-cork; a tornado is fundamentally no different than c7r(c900).  Remember, if you can palmkick from it, you can also theoretically do btwists, gainer axis tricks, or swing vert kicks.  Use the palmkick as a baby step toward those higher level skills, before you’re ready to implement them.

I included the e-kicks because in instances when a palmkick wont really work, i often think of and use e-kicks like i would a palmkick.

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Written by The Grumpiest Of All
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