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Here we go!

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While i’ve been updating the blog periodically for awhile now, nobody really knew about the site..  now the cat’s out of the bag, so i think it’s time to once again thank everyone who’s made this possible.  First and foremost, thank you to every tricker who’s helped create this thing we do.  Thank you to my local community here in Colorado, without whom none of this would be possible.  Thank you to Dylan James of Torque for recreating some of my shoddy graphics to be more user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.  He’s mentioned a willingness to create mirrored images for right twisters, so look for that at some point in the future!  Thank you to the brands i’ve been in communication with, your outpouring of support already has been amazing!  Finally thank you to each of you who has, or will, contribute ideas, corrections, and general feedback to this site.  Without this type of support, there is no tricktheory.

My goal with this site was to create a resource to answer common questions from beginners, as well as to give creative ideas to veterans.  It has evolved into a bit more than that, but is ultimately just that.  Some might argue that there is too much specific information, or that the information is handed to people and they wont appreciate it, because they didn’t earn it.  I say those people rarely last long, and will find another avenue to do so, regardless of this site.  This site, and the information therein, is an attempt to educate people about every aspect of tricking.  This site is for people who want to consume every bit of information about tricking that they can.  Few people are natural artists.  Instead, most of us create through replication and minor deviation, and from education and understanding.  By fully understanding the concepts of tricking, particularly the ways to variate a trick, how to change your landings, and mastering transitions, we are able to create logically, rather than relying on intuition and inspiration.  That is my goal.  I want people to be equipped to create what they have in their heads, and i want them to understand what they actually did.  My intentions with this site are entirely self-serving.  Frankly, i want to see cool shit that i’ll never have the talent to accomplish, and the tried and true method of making this happen is to educate others.  I cant do it alone.  No single person could..  Tricking is a communal art form, and a site attempting to cater to its education must be maintained by and accountable to its community.

Since i’ve had similar feedback a few times now, i’d like to add that in the coming updates, most/all of the visual examples will be upgraded.  Thank you to everyone who’s offered advice and help in doing so.


I’ll be at New Heights 2014 this week, and i intend to post footage periodically, as well as blog about my experiences there.  Find me and say hi!

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