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I realize i haven’t even launched this site yet, officially, and nobody is actually reading this, but you might someday!

Big things are in the works, people, big things..  I’m working on multiple projects here in Colorado, including an extremely big one with Nick Vail, that we hope will help level the playing fields for those of you who dont have access to highly experienced trickers.  The other, is evolving into a bit of a unique conceptual project that should help everyone to approach their tricking differently..  that’s the hope anyway, lol.  Launch, i hope, will be by November, certainly before New Heights.


Dylan James, co-owner of Torque Tricking is in the process of redoing many of the basic graphics i’ve created to make them more accessible to you.  Torque’s other co-owner, Rudy Meadows, has agreed to film a short instructional video to help explain a somewhat difficult, or misunderstood concept, Carrythroughs.  Another big thanks to everyone who’s helped me correct concepts throughout the site.  I am lucky to have access to so many talented, helpful people, and am truly thankful for all the work everyone has put in to this project!


This coming weekend, Some heavy hitters will be in town for our sister community, Colorado Springs’, all nite session.  Most of the Tribe, and our local Torque trickers will be there, of course.  I hope to film advice/tips from as many monsters as i can to post throughout the site.  At the very least, a sampler will be made, i’m sure!


Everyday, for the most part, I am adding media to the site to increase its understandability, and conceptual research and development is always in the works at sessions.  As concepts are more completely realized, or a great need is noticed for them in the greater community, they will be added to the Deeper Understandings section.  As always, if you’re reading this and have ideas or fixes for the site, please contact me!


Written by The Grumpiest Of All
Just a grumpy old man who really loves tricking.