Pardon my lengthy intro.

To get caught up:

September is done, and it’s time for another progress report.

This project has been interesting for me.  While I try not to trick for the camera, I am certainly aware of its presence.  I try to be conscious of my current goals for this project, for myself and for the tens of people watching:  To make mistakes, and possibly learn from them, to catch those little accidents that are quickly forgotten, but are actually great ideas, and to find and refine patterns in my training that may or may not be benefiting me.  I feel as if I’ve accomplished those goals, though they are processes, and will never be completed.


The rundown:

I tried to be much more conscious about progressing concepts, and utilizing them in a combo.  I have a bad habit of just spamming things far too long, and not utilizing them.

I tried to push through minor mistakes more often, so that I could capture those little accidents, and learn from those mistakes, as mentioned.

I feel much more comfortable with mega-cart swingthroughs, particularly into aerials.  I thought they were scary at first, and it took me longer to dial in than btwist, but now I really like the feel and look of it, even when it’s sloppy.

Similarly, using the carrythrough transition into cart and aerial tricks has given me a lot of fun new ideas to play with.  By training more full variations and slightly expanding that aspect of my power game, I’ve been given a multitude of new options to create with.

Very little progress for my right-spinning vert game, but it’s not a huge priority for me at the moment.  That may change..

Creatively, this project has been quite fun for me.  In terms of tricking, I try not to let the camera influence my sessions, but I’d be lying if i said it doesn’t factor in at all.  I try to only remind myself that the point is to capture the mistakes, so I try to push through more often, rather than just restarting.  Editing is faster, but still very basic.  I’m not really interested in become a fantastic film maker, but it’s fun to dick around with.  Musically, challenging myself to create a new, simple beat every day, in a DAW that I dont know well, and is not that spectacular has been great.  I find when I get back into Pro Tools, the creative juices are already flowing, and I find myself integrating similar production techniques to create, often times.


In short, this project has been a great benefit to me, and I hope it has helped someone out there, in some small way.  Tricking, for me, is not about proving anything to myself or others, or pushing boundaries.  For me, it’s a meditative process, and a sort of mental puzzle to grapple with and understand.  I enjoy finding and learning about all of my potential options from any given trick or position, and truthfully, the actual tricks performed are almost irrelevant, because whether I like them or not, I’m probably going to explore them at some point.

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Written by The Grumpiest Of All
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