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My people!

Let’s try something..

In an effort to connect with the community more, I’ve created a snapchat account (tricktheory).  Obviously at gatherings or random sessions when I’m bored I’ll post clips, but that’s not why I’ve made this account.  I made this account because I wanna try something..  Once or twice a week, probably Tuesday and Friday nights, I’ll update the story with a new trick, concept, or combo that I want you to complete in your next session.  I’ll do it too, and I assure you, I wont be asking anyone to do triples or anything too obscene.  My goal is to suggest things that maybe we as a community have been neglecting, tricks that are forgotten, and fun little combo ideas to hopefully get the creative juices flowing.

Snapchat’s stories only last for 24 hours, so after the initial upload, i’ll do my best to re-update the homework, to the best of my abilities, every day.

I hope that you’ll all add me, and try the challenges, both easy and hard.  I want you to snap me back your completed assignments.  I want to see how you approach your tricking.  I want to see you trick.  I dont care if you can triple cork from a dozen setups, or can barely tornado kick.  If you can complete the challenge, I want to see you do it!

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