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Terminology update! I ran this by the tricktheory facebook group, and it was generally well received. Because each landing stance can be visualized as a quadrant, rather than a distinct point, it can sometimes be cumbersome to explain at which point of a given landing a trick initiates or terminates.  For example, both mega-aerial and …

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Inspired by several conversations i’ve had over the past few weeks, and some facebook threads, i think it’s important to talk about terminology, and how it is, or needs to change.  Awhile back, i wrote a blog post about a few holdover terms that no longer suit our current level and understanding of tricking.  This …

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I feel like we have some holdover terms/concepts that no longer serve their purpose.  Tricking and its terminology is an ever-evolving thing that needs constant updating.  Time to rant! SnapuSWIPE and ScissorSWIPE..  i get it, it sounds cool…  if you’re a terminology fiend like me, this is fucking confusing, and will eventually become ambiguous – …

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