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The Colorado Tricking Tribe had a gathering this weekend..  It was wild, to say the least. First, a big thank you to Nick and Charlie for organizing an exemplary event.  It was an amazing weekend.  Thank you to the rest of the tribesmen, and miscellaneous Colorado trickers for their help in executing this event.  Their …

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Last weekend, Colorado tricking had an overnight session at Pike’s Peak Tricking in Colorado Springs.  The Tribe, Torque, and obviously Pike’s Peak was there, in addition to our special guests, Bailey Payne and Kyle Cordova.  I unfortunately didn’t get to spend the night, as i have children, and had to come home shortly after midnight …

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If you’re not from, or haven’t recently visited Colorado, you may be unaware that it’s home to one of the largest tricking communities anywhere.  The core group has recently split from Elevation Tricking and created The Tricking Tribe.  Last night was their grand opening event.  To the average person, this would have appeared to be …

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