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Here’s the flipped version for you left twisters.     Keenan Carr has been killing the mega-cart game for awhile now, including triples and dubdubs from it, yet hardly anyone else is even playing with the concept, it seems.  I’ve been messing with it for awhile now, and i’m finally getting relatively proficient with …

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Each of these simple tricks and combos can be learned, or at least begun, on your first day of tricking, regardless of background.  Applicable backgrounds, like tumbling or martial arts experience will obviously accelerate your ability to learn in that area.  I still recommend drilling the supplied combos, and obviously any variations on the simple …

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We all do it, so it seems only fitting to talk about a few methods to efficiently create realistic combos on paper, before we take them to the gym. Step one, for most of us, is to keep a journal of some sort.  Some people choose to notebooks and a pen; i prefer to use …

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