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Last weekend, Colorado tricking had an overnight session at Pike’s Peak Tricking in Colorado Springs.  The Tribe, Torque, and obviously Pike’s Peak was there, in addition to our special guests, Bailey Payne and Kyle Cordova.  I unfortunately didn’t get to spend the night, as i have children, and had to come home shortly after midnight in order to be functional the next morning when my fiance went to work.  What i witnessed in the few hours i was there was what i’ve come to expect from the my community.  2-3 dozen passionate trickers descended on a floor and threw down hard.  The numbers are nothing special to us, really, as we have such a large community, but its always inspiring to witness this group of young people do what they love.  Their positive attitudes and hard work are something to be sought after.

As mentioned, the Tribe brought out Bailey and Kyle to play with us, and have a photo shoot.  Its always cool to watch outsiders come in an throwdown.  Gatherings and samplers often dont do them justice.  While large by most standards, this session was more of an intimate setting, and we were all better able to really see what makes these two gents so special.  Bailey, as we know can twist like no other.  He crushes the mega-full s/t aerial game, and it was cool to watch him working on more interesting and difficult concepts, like semi-double full (maybe semi-dub cork?  i dont full recall which) s/t touchdown-raiz…  Its the semi s/t tdr that matters.  I honestly believe that the future of twistbotting is in the full integration of the semi and mega landings, and i applaud any attempts to use them.  Kyle is known for his OC skills, and he did not disappoint.  One thing he does, that not many others have picked up on is the swipe-switch concept.  Jordan Okubo does swideswipe-switch occasionally, but Kyle seems capable of using this concept from basically any variation or axis.  I love this kind of concept because it breaks the conventional rules we know about swipes and -round tricks.  It allows the performer to more efficiently create combos that normally shouldn’t work together, and that’s a special thing..  That is how we push tricking forward.

As always, my local boys destroyed the floor..  Rudy Meadows, Ricky Pheng, The Whales, Donnie Martin, Jordan Okubo, etc..  Hopefully some solid footage will pop up soon, and yall can see just how deep the Colorado community goes.

Written by The Grumpiest Of All
Just a grumpy old man who really loves tricking.