Torque Summer Gathering just wrapped up, and it was kind of everything a Colorado gathering should be.  It was a few hype, but intimate sessions, and a day trip to explore Colorado’s amazing outdoor life.  After a weekend like the one prior, at NEO, this gathering was a much needed contrast, but also an excellent weekend for those who didn’t venture to Ohio.  I dont believe gatherings should be compared like 2 of the same fruit, but can certainly compliment and contrast one another like 2 different fruits can.

This gathering wasn’t advertised nearly as much as it should have been, however, that actually worked out as a positive for the people who did venture out, in my opinion.  All of our locals were obviously present, and even one of the rarest local tricking pokemon was spotted, Jon Nease (aka Cepopeye from  Corey Diamond is here for the summer, and Grady Bergin has been here for a few weeks.  Ben Cauvy has been here since Tribe Gathering, and Bozzy and Matthieu Lochanski came in from Europe for NEO and TSG.  From America, Noah Robinson came in from Hawaii, and 3 of my favorite trickers and community members joined us again:  Thekla Hutyrova, Ian Bagget, and Isiah Jackson.  Cali sent us the Greens from the north, and part of Tribox from the south.  So added to our 30-40 trickers, a solid 15-20 monsters descended on us.  That’s a treat, if you ask me…  A super hype home session, with a handful of incredible trickers to take it up a notch, and hang out with.  This was definitely a sleeper gathering; there was little noise about it, but it was an excellent experience nonetheless.

A few of the people:

I really cant say enough about Isiah Jackson.  I praised him after tribe, and it needs to be done again.  This kid is what tricking should be.  He’s a positive, seemingly happy young man who’s combos are powerful, stylish, creative, and perfectly executed.  He goes big with c10r (c12) through to cart-triple, and maintains proper form and excellent aesthetic.  His combos have a very accessible quality to them, and are everything you’d expect from a cirque performer (which he is), without trying to be too artsy and losing impact.

Jordan Okubo is easily one of the best trickers in the game right now.  I’ve been watching him for years now, and his growth is really impressive.  His combos are clean as hell, powerful, and incredibly creative.  Jordo has a more traditional, NASKA style to his combos, which makes sense since he’s a sport karate competitor, but unlike many people with similar backgrounds, his combos have a cutting edge, and unique feel to them.  He works well with non-linear, transitionally complex combos that often retain a single target, but also end in incredible climaxes.  I’m sad to say he’ll be moving to California this week, but i feel genuinely lucky to have watched him trick so many times, and to see the roots of what is already an incredible career in this game we play.

Grady Bergin is a rockstar.  Literally..  His presence is warm and inviting, his tricks are top notch, and his music is incredible (seriously..).  I find myself surrounded by talented people constantly, but Grady really does have a certain quality about him that is undeniable.  If he continues to approach life the way he has been, i believe there’s no limit to where this man can go.  Grady’s leaving us this week, at least for a little while, but in his short time here has certainly made an impression on us all.

If you’ve never met Ben Cauvy, and had the pleasure to watch him go hard, you are missing something amazing.  Ben is good as hell at everything, and he goes for a long time without feeling too repetitive.  As a man, Ben is great to talk to…  tricks, life, girls, it doesn’t matter, conversations with him are always enjoyable.  He leaves this week too, and i’m genuinely going to miss him.  A new friend like Ben is a real gift.

A long time hero, Chris “Bozzy” Bostock came out, and i was thoroughly impressed with him.  I’ve known Bozzy awhile, from the online community, but these last few weeks were my first time meeting him in person, and he was everything he represents himself to be online.  The thing about his tricking that really sticks with me is how high he jumps..  He’s light on his feet, for the muscular block of a man that he is, and when he goes up, he goes UP.  When he’s having a good session, it’s really pretty incredible to watch how smooth and powerful, yet strangely effortless even the hardest skills look.


To all of the participants of TSG15, i say thank you for another great experience, and some of the most fun sessions i’ve had in awhile.  The shenanigans, the tricks, and the conversations were all top tier, without being too overwhelming or intimidating.

Huge thank you to Torque and the Colorado tricking community for organizing and executing such a great weekend.  I always feel so honored to be part of a community like ours.

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Written by The Grumpiest Of All
Just a grumpy old man who really loves tricking.