A series of redirects into s/t double-cork

The redirect can be described as an extension of the reversal transition, though its function is similar to that of a vanish.  As the performer lands sequentially, another step is taken, usually involving a stance change, followed by a sequential takeoff.  A redirect usually follows the pattern of a vanish, but with an extra step in the middle.  Simply put, when landing left then right, an extra step is taken with the left, followed by a takeoff of the right then left, or vice versa for landings of the opposite sequence.  Because of the extra step, the movement of the feet can be described as similar to walking, or functioning similarly to a vanish, but when looking at the landing and takeoffs specifically, the pattern of a reversal is created.

This transition is categorized as an extension, or alternate form of a reversal because the sequence of landing and takeoff are reversed.  Redirects are extremely common in tricking for their potential for power and momentum gains as well as their ease of use and pliability in repositioning a performer to set up a desired trick.


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