a series of reversal transitions

Reversals are sequential landings followed by a sequential takeoff where the order is reversed.  A reversal is quite similar to a shuffle of the feet in that one foot lands, followed by the second which immediately lifts back up, followed by the first landing foot.  Simply put, when landing left then right, the following trick would takeoff right then left.  The reversal is another extremely common transition in vert kicking, though used less frequently when transitioning between inverted elements.

The 2016 update of Aeriformmat has reclassified the Vanish and Reversal as “Simple” transitions.

  • Reversals are extremely common in vert kicking.  Quite often, when a hook kick trick is followed by a cheat takeoff, a reversal occurred.  Also common, round kick type tricks that end in backside will reversal into btwist or aerial type tricks.


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