A series of vanish transitions

Vanishes are simply a sequential landing followed by a sequential takeoff in the same order.  A vanish is similar to walking in that one foot lands, followed by the second, then the first foot to land is lifted, followed by the second.  Simply put, if the first trick is landed on the left foot, then the right, the following takeoff takes off left, then right.  The vanish transition is extremely common within vert kicking for its natural flow and potential to create enormous power, and is becoming increasingly common for transitioning between inverted elements as well.

The 2016 update of Aeriformmat has reclassified the Vanish and Reversal as “Simple” transitions.

  • The most common vanish transitions are often performed when round kicking tricks are followed by a cheat takeoff, for example a tornado kick followed by another tornado kick.  From the opposite leg, something like a 540 kick vanishes into btwists and aerials, or swing takeoff vert kicks.


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