Btwist missleg aerial-switch missleg btwist pop flash

Misslegs are singular landings where the in-air leg travels toward the ground as if it were going to land, but has its path rebound into the next takeoff before reaching the ground.  The leg can be described as missing the ground, in what would be a reversal transition were it to touch.  It is not uncommon for many trickers to refer to some swingthroughs, such as the master swing, as a missleg, but this is a misidentification.

The 2016 update of Aeriformmat has reclassified this type of transition as a “Complex” transition, and is one of 2 complex transitions, along with the Swingthrough transition.

  • Misslegs are often used to create a challenge, or to showcase raw power and mastery, because they often don’t maintain momentum in the same way as many other transitions.


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