A series of swingthrough transitions

Swingthroughs are simply singular transitions where the in-air leg continues on a linear path past the base leg, creating or maintaining momentum to initiate the next trick.  For many mainstream terminology users, this transition is often synonymous with a backswing; a swing of the leg from back to front that is used to initiate a back flipping axis.  Increasingly, the swingthrough is understood to be any directional swing of the leg where momentum is not broken or greatly altered, creating at least 4 separate swingthrough possibilities, one for each flipping axis: forward, backward, inside-side, and outside-side.  This understanding is spreading rapidly through the tricking community as a whole, and is becoming increasingly common among mainstream trickers.

The 2016 update of Aeriformmat has reclassified this type of transition as a “Complex” transition, and is one of 2 complex transitions, along with the Missleg transition.

  •  Obviously the most common swingthrough is to the gainer and cork axis, but this trend is increasingly diversifying with the popularization of other tricks, such as the GMS.


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