A combination ending in wrap double-full

Also known as a wrapthrough, wraps have been described by some as a swingthrough into an inside flip, by some, but should not be confused with a master swing.  As a transition, wrap or wrapthrough is a singular transition from backside or inside stances where the outside leg is swung back similar to a cheat takeoff or frontswing, but often less exaggerated, or shorter.  Particularly when used as a transition into a full twist, the wrap transition is generally understood to be between the master swing, and the frontswing positions.  An over-wrapped full becomes a carrythrough raiz, while an under-wrapped full could somewhat resemble a grandmaster-twist.

In vert kicking, the wrap term is sometimes used for a cheat takeoff performed from backside stance.  Transitionally, wraps are used in vert kicking when landing on the inside leg in a backside stance, and essentially performing a swingthrough into a cheat kick.  Some trickers perform the same combinations more similarly to a rapid, but still use the wrap tag.

Because of the relative inconsistency, or perhaps flexibility, of the wrap transition, it could be argued to be a very convenient misclassification in most cases, though this is highly controversial.

Wraps are not an official part of, and are not defined under the Aeriform system, but their prevalence in the community requires their presence here.


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