When communicating in text form, or writing down notes, the use of transitional tags is incredibly useful for clarity.  When writing a combo with transitional tags, the transition takes the place of following trick’s takeoff, should that apply.  For example, a tornado kick followed by a cheat900 kick should be written as tornado vanish 900.  Writing this combo as tornado vanish cheat900 is redundant and cumbersome.

It is often argued that the transition doesn’t need to be noted, as the corresponding landings and takeoffs imply the transition, but this method is less efficient because there are many cases where a transitional tag is still necessary to adequately describe the transition, such as in the case of misslegs and rapids or things like vanish corks, where the most common execution or transition of the trick is altered.  However, transitions always imply corresponding takeoffs, assuming the landings are properly labeled.

The only cases where a transitional tag is inadequate, and a takeoff type needs to be noted, are in the rare cases of a reverse-pop or some bounds into a sequential takeoff vert kick, because there are two possible ways to takeoff (cheat or swing) that otherwise carry the same transitional tag.  For example, a pop360hyper reverse-pop 900 can be either a pop360hyper followed by a swing900, or a cheat900 and as such, needs to be tagged as pop360hyper reverse-pop swing900 or cheat 900.


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