Tornado swingthrough gainer-arabian bound cork

Bounds are an extension of any of the other 3 unified transitions, where an extra on-ground adjustment is added to change the performer’s orientation or stance.  Simply put, a bound is any unified transition that has an extra adjustment step on the ground before takeoff.  To put it another way, bounds follow the landing pattern of a particular unified transition, make an adjustment step on the ground, then follow the corresponding takeoff pattern for the unified transition.  This means there are 3 separate patterns for the Bound to take, each corresponding to another unified transition.  This transition is often utilized, but widely unknown by name within the greater tricking community.

  • Bounds can come in 3 forms, as mentioned:  Unified landing, adjustment, sequential takeoff.  Unified landing, adjustment, unified takeoff.  Sequential landing, adjustment, unified takeoff.  Simply put, bounds are like redirects where the landing and/or takeoff happen to utilize both feet together, rather than sequentially.


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