The Colorado Tricking Tribe had a gathering this weekend..  It was wild, to say the least.

First, a big thank you to Nick and Charlie for organizing an exemplary event.  It was an amazing weekend.  Thank you to the rest of the tribesmen, and miscellaneous Colorado trickers for their help in executing this event.  Their hard work is truly what made this event happen, and function as smoothly as it did.  Several tribesmen, including Nick and Charlie, as well as the boys at Torque opened their homes to as many guests as they could physically hold, and drove them around like heroes.  That’s a big deal..

So what happened?
It’s a gathering..  shit went down.  A few things did stand out for me this weekend.  First, everyone is sleeping on Isiah Jackson.  This man destroys tricks, period.  He can do it all, and it’s all clean and stylish.  If you don’t know yet..  you soon will.  Second, Ryan Posipanka can kick.  I didn’t know, lol!  The obvious things come to mind when i think about his tricking: spammin dubdubs and triple fulls like it’s a game.  The boy can kick though.  His c7r (c9) is balanced and vertical, and the kick is complete with proper chambering and full extension.  While most powerful twisters can execute kicks, many don’t have the precision and technique that a more martially inspired kicker might, and that Ryan demonstrated.  Similarly, Saul Ag really impressed me with his well rounded, powerful combos, and clean technique.  He’s another one that could be easy to write off as a mindless power mover / twist bot, but he has solid technique across the board, and a healthy repertoire of tricks.  Frankly, some of his better combos kinda got weaker reactions than they should have..  i think maybe some people were expecting little more than dubdub spam, and got confused when his legs stuck out, and he stayed upright (before ending in dub).  Unfortunately, Alex Omidvar tweaked a knee at some point, and didn’t get the opportunity to go wild at the gathering much, but in sessions before and since, he’s been feeling a bit better, and has been killing it.  Finally, Ben Cauvy wrecks shop.  Beautiful combos, with a excellent technique, and it seems he can do basically everything at a high level.  I’ve been really impressed by him so far, and am excited to session with him more over the next few weeks of his stay.

What i’ll remember about Tribe Gathering is not the gym sessions, but the times between.  For example, I had lunch with the SGTF boys on Saturday, which was really great.  It gave me some insight into them as individuals, and where they see tricking going, as well as where they’d like to see it go, among other things.  I’ll remember how sessions would just spontaneously come to life while hanging out.  What began as 2-3 people stretching and lightly moving turned into everyone present going hard in their street clothes.  I’ll remember dinner and conversation with Thekla, Jacob, and Jandu, among others.  It’s always so interesting to me to talk to people 10-15 years younger than myself, and to hear their perspectives on all manner of things..  I once saw a meme on facebook that said “Be friends with people older than you, they know cool shit that you don’t.  Be friends with people younger than you, they know cool shit that you don’t.”  I believe in this, and have found it to be true, particularly in this community.  Most of all, i’ll remember the joy i saw in peoples’ faces.  Tricking is an amazing thing, and i’m grateful i have the opportunity to participate in, and to witness this crazy thing we do.

In short, this gathering was amazing.  I feel energized, and inspired to take my tricking to the next level.

Keep being you, tricking community..

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Written by The Grumpiest Of All
Just a grumpy old man who really loves tricking.