Pikes Peak Tricking’s first event, Trick Different has finally come and gone.  As all gatherings are, this event was a blast, and one I’ll be sure to make it to every year.  It’s always great to see who shows up to these things, and how much they’ve progressed since the last time I saw them, even if it’s only been a few months.  People came to play this weekend, and while not the hypest gathering I’ve attended, the chill atmosphere made for a highly enjoyable time.

Luis Gonzalez, owner of Pikes Peak Tricking, is a bboy and salsa dancer, and with that background comes a different mindset for his tricking, and his event.  Trick Different is not only a great event, but it’s a great mentality for approaching tricking, and one that Luis fulfills to the utmost.  One way this event differed from others in the past is Luis’ incorporation of a live drummer, Desmond Motown.  At first, I was a little unsure how this would play out, but the man came in and killed it.  He incorporated some keys into his set, and pounded out funky breaks all night, friday night.  I felt like that really helped create a unique vibe that other gatherings haven’t had, where we so often we just toss on someone’s phone playlist and listen to the same tracks over and over.  Saturday night, DJ Prominent came in, and played an eclectic mix of electronic genres that kept the energy high, and the mood positive.  Solid mixing, and excellent track selection is key in these things, and I was quite happy with the job he did.  We so often talk about music, and how it affects our tricking, and I can honestly say that Trick Different’s music was on point, and added something special to the weekend.

Unfortunately, the weekend was plagued by minor injuries that took a lot of people out.  Most won’t require anything other than rest, according our doctor tricker, Kyle Rudolph, but it’s always a shame when a tricker gets hurt and has to sit out.  Because of this plague, Friday night was the wildest night of the gathering, and as usual, the pre-gathering session on Thursday night was crazy, I’m told.  I unfortunately couldn’t make that session, but for those of you attending gatherings in the future that may not know, the Thursday session, if there is one, is often the best of the weekend, so come early, if you can.

Trick Different had a handful of seminars on a range of topics this weekend, and I was thoroughly impressed by the skill and professionalism of each of our presenters.  We started the afternoon with Mason Rowley, king of frontswings, teaching people his secrets.  I personally struggle with frontswinging tricks and transitions, so I listened and observed while I prepared for my own seminar.  I’ll be playing with the ideas I learned in the future.  After Mason, I ran a seminar on transitions, and just ran everyone through a number of key transitions, as I see them.  It’s always a pleasure to do these things, and it means a lot when people tell me it helped them.  After me, came Keenan Carr with a great seminar on weird tricks, and combos.  He helped a lot of people figure out that things like cart-mega is surprisingly easy to get and use, and went on to some different, interesting ideas to play with.  Unfortunately, while demonstrating a grab variation, he injured his shoulder, and had to cut his seminar, and weekend, short.  Finally, the man, the myth, the legend, Jon Call, aka Jujimufu gave a professional, and insightful seminar on stretching and flexibility.  More than his seminar though, Jon delivered what the people wanted…  They wanted to play with Juji, and he was a great sport about it.  By now I’m sure we’ve all seen the absurd skits he put on, like the crowd surfing bench press, human dominoes, a number of people lifts, and literally tossing people into combos.  That my friends, is an awesome thing to bring to an event like this, and one that keeps the mood light, and changing.  Loopkicks is lucky to have him this summer.



Mason Rowley:  The MVP.  I knew the man was good, but to watch him in person is incredible.  Mason is tall, his legs are longer than Ashley Adams’ entire body, and he knows how to extend them.  His style is pure swag, and I hope I’m lucky enough to trick with him again.

Nick Fry:  Alien..  we all know this.

Brandon Shwerin:  Brandon goes in..  he doesn’s stop, or even slow down much.  Late saturday night he was still destroying the twisting game.

Josh Sierra:  Josh is an up and comer, and someone I trick with often.  I doubt anyone does more combos in any given night than this man, even at a gathering.  Big combos, ending in dubs or swing series just keep coming and coming.

The Colorado Trickers:  Thanks to my tricking family for always making me proud.  You guys are a big reason I do what I do, and I thank you.  (Cept JP)

Alyssa Nichole:  Luis’s wife and baby mama, Alyssa is the reason the bathrooms weren’t filthy and out of toilet paper, the reason food was out, and a big part of the reason this event happened.  Behind a good man, is a better lady.

Luis Gonzalez:  Thanks papi, this event was awesome, and without you, wouldn’t have been the same.  Keep doing what you’re doing.

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Written by The Grumpiest Of All
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