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I’ve had this feeling inside of me for awhile now.  A feeling that something new is emerging in tricking.  I think a new form, or genre of tricking is about to fully mature and become mainstream.  As i see it, there are 2 main genres of tricking currently, each with their own variations or sub-genres.  I see the martially inspired trickers, or traditionalists, and on the other end of the spectrum are the twistbots, who embody a more gymnastics based style.  With only a few exceptions, everyone falls somewhere in this spectrum.  There are a few people who, overall, are not really properly classified as either, and instead deal largely in an overall aestheticly based or physically expressive style, like a dancer.  Many people dabble here, creating combos that flow in interesting ways, but ultimately their overall style is still conventionally kicky or corky (or right in between the two).  However, there are a few who dabble in the conventional, but overall are doing something completely unconventional for tricking.

Watch these, and imagine the ideas and concepts taken to the next level.  It’s not anything we’ve seen before.


Watch basically anything that Cody does, and you’ll see he uses a lot of unconventional movements.  He bends and twists and rolls in unpredictable ways, even if you’re accustomed to looking at the movements.  More than just about anyone i watch, i get a sense of joy and wonder when i watch him move.  Keith uses more conventional tricks, but he moves in a way that doesn’t really look like he’s kicking, or typically twistbotting.  When i watch his videos, i see him thinking through new ways to be a shape.  Even his kicks dont feel martial to me, but instead like this particular shape has a little thing sticking out of it, and it’s spinning.  I would consider many recent combos from Alex Hunter, Alex Omidvar, and Ashley Adams to be in this same category.  I see them as shapes, not gymnasts or kickers; i see breakdancing.  I see wheels turning, and skipping, and bouncing.  I see something new.

Think about who more obviously dances when they trick.  I’m sure your first thought is Sesshoumaru, then maybe G Dong and Luis Gonzalez.  These guys are actively trying to meld their love of breaking with tricking.  It may not be your cup of tea, but that exploration is one of the founding principles tricking was built on.  We’re going to see greater and greater influxes of dance based trickers.  We’re seeing it in Colorado, for sure, but all over the place, dancers are finding tricking, and bringing to it their dancing sensibilities to create new styles of tricking.


I dont know much about capoeira, though i’ve watched a good deal of it.  My understanding is it is a martial art that was developed by slaves in Brazil, and disguised as a dance (because nobody’s going to let their captives practice fighting..).  So singing and dancing is very important to the art, obviously, and that sort of background transfers into the tricking world as well.  It’s pretty easy to see a degree of capoeira’s influence on tricking, and i think that it’s actually going to escalate as more people from different backgrounds explore this sport, and identify with that influence.



So what’s the point of all of this?  There isn’t one.  It’s just a trend i think i see.  Perhaps it’s just something i hope for, I dont know.  Hopefully it will make someone think about tricking differently, and inspire something really special.  At the very least, i think it’s a fun idea to entertain, even just for a moment.

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