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If you’re not from, or haven’t recently visited Colorado, you may be unaware that it’s home to one of the largest tricking communities anywhere.  The core group has recently split from Elevation Tricking and created The Tricking Tribe.  Last night was their grand opening event.  To the average person, this would have appeared to be a gathering.  Dozens of trickers, including out of state guests Austin Harling from tribox, and the notorious Towels from TX came to help us set things off.  To us locals, it was just another session in many ways, although undeniably it had special meaning for everyone who’s been putting in the time and effort to really grow the community.  This marked the first day of many to come.

As usual, the expected heavy hitters were throwing down.  Rudy Meadows came close to dubdubdub on a few occasions, Ricky Pheng spammed 900+ rotation kicks with the accuracy and consistency we’ve come to expect from him.  Nick Vail the Trick Whale did what he does..  His brother Alec went ham, as usual.  This kid is obviously someone to watch for.  It was also a night of firsts for 2 of our dedicated females.  Erina stuck double leg on the floor, something she’s worked for weeks on, and something several more experienced members of the community still cant do!  Ashley stuck gumbi s/t cork like a boss, and even comboed it by the end of the night!  Both of them deserve special recognition for really stepping up their training, and leveling up over the last several months.  Besides those mentioned, everyone present brought their own brand of heat, and really represented what the Colorado community is becoming known for, passion.  Towels was brought out to film for us, and his sampler should be ready soon, and I cant wait to see it.


After the session, we all met at Whole Foods for food.  As a father, and an older tricker, I dont often get, or take, the opportunity to hang out with the youngins, but last night I made an exception.  Having kids means coming home early sometimes, or missing hang out times before and after sessions in order to get some small bit of sleep, or relieve my wife who’s been at home with 2 kids alone.  The opportunity to talk to everyone was great fun, and I feel lucky to have found these people to surround myself with.  The young keep you young in many ways, and for that, I am thankful.  After Whole Foods closed, many of us just stood out front and talked tricks.  This is obviously a favorite past time of mine, and having knowledgeable trickers like Towels and Charlie around is always a treat for me.  Too many of my sessions are spent alone, playing with ideas and theories that before this site was created, were largely wasted on myself.  The opportunity to share a few insights I’ve had was exciting, and the ideas shared with me have inspired my own creativity.  We’re entering a new phase of tricking.  Not just Colorado, but the whole world.  Ideas and concepts too foreign for the pioneers of the sport to even understand are becoming the norm, and the future has nothing but promise.  In 10 years, I believe the face of tricking will have evolved just as far as it has in the previous 10, and I know that surrounded by the people I am, I will get to experience it to the fullest.

Written by The Grumpiest Of All
Just a grumpy old man who really loves tricking.