Grandmasters:  This axis utilizes a master swing with the outside kicking leg to initiate takeoff into the flip or twist and is generally initiated from either a backside or inside stance and is swung into from a hyper landing.  The base skill for this set is known as the Grandmaster Swipe (GMS), and can be described as an aerial from a master swing, or as an aerial without the front leg, but can also be performed more similarly to a darkside gainer-switch.  Twisting on this axis yields a Grandmaster Twist (GMT) which is arguably a transitional change to the full axis.  The Kroc (cork spelled backwards), functions similarly to a GMT, but tends to be initiated from a much more backward landing.   Krocs utilize an accentuated backswing with the outside kicking leg, and tend to more closely resemble an inverted cork from the opposite swinging leg.  Where typical grandmaster tricks have a degree of variance in the technique of the swing, and their degree of inversion, the Kroc is typically much more regulated to create a cork-like swingthrough from the opposite leg, and is generally fully inverted.


A series of tak-fulls

Wrap Full:  A variation on the full twist where the transition is altered to a particular method of swingthrough.  Wraps are swung into from a hyper landing, creating what is generally considered to be an inside flip.  The leading leg, or outside kicking leg, is swung inward, tucking behind the base leg to initiate twist and increase flipping momentum.   Within the Aeriform system, a wrap full is understood to be a swingthrough into a takfull, although the wrap full term is widely preferred by the general population.

Taks:  The tak axis is simply an inside flip within the confines of the Aeriform system, but the conventional wisdom within mainstream terminology users is that it is a cheat setup into a wrap full.  The tak term derives from the Takuraba, which can be viewed as a cheat setup into a front flip, or a cheat arabian.  Adding further twist creates the tak full, or tak for short.  Tak fulls from a cheat takeoff rarely reach a high degree of inversion, and tend to be closer to the horizontal plane.  It is said, by some, that the tak axis is the only twisting series unique to tricking.

For more information on wrap fulls and taks, visit the Transitional Mastery section.


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