Trick Theory-06

Hypers aren’t the end of the kicking game.  From each hyper, a number of variations and extensions can be applied to create increasingly difficult and impressive tricks, or simply as a utility to manipulate stance.  The most common suffixes, or variations involving hypered kicks are the Fei Long and Jackknife.  Within the mainstream community, each of these are also a proper name for specific tricks, as well as complex actions that can be applied to higher rotation kicks.  By true-hypering a round kick (katana) and adding a hook kick, a jackknife, or knife, is created.  Likewise, by hypering a hook (shuriken) and adding a round kick, a Fei Long is created.


Gyros always follow a hyper condition, and are most simply understood as approximately 360* or more in-air rotation after a vert kick.  Within the TKT community, Gyros are specifically 360* of rotation beyond a hyper, for a total of 540* of post-kick rotation (hyper [180] + gyro [360]).  Gyros can also be subdivided into Half Gyros (a total of 360* post-kick rotation: hyper [180] + half gyro [180]), but this term is less frequently used within the mainstream community.  When performing hyper-half-gyros, the performer has the opportunity to repeat the previous kick on the same target, creating what the mainstream community refers to as a ‘double’.  When tagging these, the total rotation is named, meaning that a “pop360” (pop-180-hook) with an additional spin and second hook is known to be a “pop-720-double”.  Because “pop-180-hook-hyper-half-gyro-hook” is a mouthful, TKT uses the ‘cyclone’ (hook + hyper + half gyro + hook) suffix to shorten this down to “pop-180-cyclone”.  Likewise, the same concept for round kicking tricks is known as a Typhoon.  Using gyros, rather than just half gyros, the total rotation added to a trick is 540*, and the opposite kick is enabled, creating a Jackknife or Fei Long with a gyro in the middle.  To simplify these actions, the terms Gyroknife and Whirlwind are used.


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