The above table can be used as an easy reference guide for kicking. Listed are the kicking type, include each of its hypers, the corresponding stance of the landing, as well as the landing leg itself, and several common transitions from each landing. The feiwrong and wackknife were not included, but it can be understood that they function identically to their true hyper counterparts, but from the opposite stance.

Both the vanish and reversal columns show the takeoff type following each landing to create their transition, and assume no further change to stance on the ground.

One unconventional parts of this table are the “lands like”, and “swingthrough axis” columns. The listed stances are generally reserved for the invert axis, but are useful for demonstrating relationships between the vert kick positioning, and the relative invert landing stance. The swingthroughs axis represented corresponds to the invert axis from the relative stance in the “lands like” column.  For example, a hyper-style round kick is never called a complete landing, or complete stance, but it is the same approximate position and can setup a similar swingthrough type, the backswing into the gainer axis.



Trick Theory-06

A quick reference guide for the TKT vert kicking suffixes.  Remember, each of these extensions is a complex action, so in TKT rather than naming the total rotation, as in the case of a “cheat-900-double”, the initial rotation and takeoff are noted, followed by the complex action “typhoon”, making the proper TKT terminology a “cheat-360-typhoon”.  Notice the Whirlwind suffix has no common mainstream tag, probably due to its uncommonality.


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