Because it comes up somewhat often, I felt I’d make a video explaining my perspective on flipped “vert kicks”.

For me, a vert kick is meant to be a single axis trick; it’s all spin, and no flip.  Just as I view a backflip with a 1/4 twist as something different than a true backflip, I view a vertically twisting kick with a degree of flip as something else.  I think this because the isolation of the vertical axis, and the quantifiable rotation in each kick is what really sets it aside from variated flipping elements, such as fulls, corks, and taks.

In the video above, I briefly explain my stance, and try to demonstrate the similarities and differences when adding flip to an intended vert kick.

It’s important to remember that what happens in combos is not always going to be perfect.  Often, we end up carrying more flip that we expect, or have a latent flat spin inherent in our setup.  These things are what makes comboing into different elements easier or harder, when we apply certain standards (like staying more or less upright such as in a cheat kick).  If we flip, or go horizontal, which is often easier, we’ve probably created a tak-full variation, not a “true” cheat kick.  That’s ok, it’s just something different; it’s not better or worse.

As always, remember to take others’ criticisms of our tricks with a grain of salt.  They’re giving their perspectives on what could be improved; they are not criticizing you as a person, or disrespecting you.  In fact, I’d argue that their willingness to engage you in thoughtful, respectful conversation and argument demonstrates that they care enough about you to want to help you to understand or grow.

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Written by The Grumpiest Of All
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